TheAfter5Edge - Defining “Entrepreneurial Spirit”Entrepreneurial Spirit.

It is fundamental to what brings about TheAfter5Edge.  But what exactly is it?

Let’s define it as that urge or itch to use one’s personal resources to innovate and ultimately increase personal development and maximize potential.  No two people will necessarily have the same resources as these vary and may be very personal.  But because some of these resources surface more than others, let’s take a look at some common ones:


This is simply a deep desire to achieve something that an individual doesn’t currently have.  And the awareness of this desire provides direction to an individual’s life so that the necessary steps are taken in order for the desire to be attained.


Not everyone is born with the ability to lead.  However, some people are able to obtain the support from others in accomplishing a particular goal.  It may sound much more simple than it is in reality.  As a leader brings people together toward a common goal, it is important that a leader is able to integrate, motivate and build a team.


The entrepreneurial spirit isn’t about being like the rest.  It is about being distinct, unapologetically.  And this uniqueness is an asset with value.  When you’re in a room with 9 other people and all 9 of their ideas sound the same and yours is distinct, yours will stand out.  With so many ideas out there, it is difficult to think outside the box, so having the ability to bring something unique to the table is most certainly an asset.


The world is constantly changing.  If we look at technology, for instance, you may buy a camera today and two months later a newer, more advanced version may be released.  The entrepreneurial spirit is about being ready for change and flexible enough to adapt once it comes along.  These days, if you’re resistant to change, you will most likely be left behind.

Business Sense

This isn’t necessarily technical.  There are some individuals out there with excellent business sense who never had one day of formal training.  In its most basic form, this is common sense that is applied to business.  It is a compilation of ideas, general and business knowledge, business trends, information about the business environment, etc.  There is no one way to obtain this and its usefulness is in the application of the information being absorbed.


Someone embodying the entrepreneurial spirit believes they can make something happen; and you can’t tell them otherwise.  This optimism will translate into making the necessary effort to realize goals.

Risk Taking

It would be counter-intuitive to not mention risk-taking.  By nature, the entrepreneurial spirit is seeking something other than the safe, predictable norm and is stepping into the unknown and trying a less “tried and true” approach.


Creativity mixed with the entrepreneurial spirit brings us here.  The entrepreneurial spirit is all about  finding a new way or a new process and tweaking, if not reinventing, the wheel.

At the end of the day, these’s a bit of the entrepreneurial spirit in each of us.  If we are paying attention, we see our strengths, talents, unique selling proposition and it is just a matter of believing in ourselves and translating that into something bigger.  The entrepreneurial spirit helps us separate ourselves in a crowd, but  it all starts within.  What do you have to offer to the world that is unique to you?

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