Ever heard of somebody honestly aiming to be the worst at something?  The fight is really to be #1, and with so many people vying for the top, it isn’t easy to get there.

So how do you claim that #1 spot?

For some, luck strikes time and time again. For others, their connects always come through. And for most, some preliminary work has to be put in.  At the end of the day, the vast majority of people have to position themselves to where they stand a chance at obtaining this limited resource that is the #1 spot.  You NEED to have a plan to break away from the pack!

Competitive advantage is the strategic development and application of skills and attributes in order to achieve a unique, sustainable and winning position against competitors.  With competitive advantage, you will win by presenting more value via factors that are essential to your target such as differentiation, efficiency and high-quality performance, to name a few.

The process to obtaining competitive advantage is a commitment and an investment.  And like most investments for one’s betterment, it has no expiration date and has boundless benefits to exceed the costs; so if you ask me, it is well worth it!  (I would be very interested in having a side conversation with you if you plan to convince me that there is a better investment to make than that in yourself!)

Ultimately, competitive edge brings about a sense of accomplish by your personal standards, earns you respect and makes you a go-to person in your realm, and validates why your sought after competencies make the decision about you being #1 undeniable!

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