Whether you have a print out or your trustworthy GPS, it helps to have directions when you’re traveling on the road of life!  It helps you avoid detours, speed bumps, wasting money on tolls and wasting your precious time!  So why not apply the same preparedness even when you’re not sitting in the car?  Each day, you’re still the driver and essentially steering your life.  So here’s how you can get a tighter grip and steer to success.

Plan whenever, wherever and however you can.  Planning increases productivity and efficiency when it is done correctly.  There will always be changes and variables, but being in control of what you can will allow you more time to focus on unforeseen situations.  If we take your week for instance, here’s a suggestion for breaking it into manageable pieces that you won’t have to think about when each week rolls around.

Game Plan Mondays

Monday.  You’re well rested from the weekend and looking forward to tackling yet another week.  And of course, you want it to be even more productive than the last.  This is a great time to “start fresh” by stepping back and looking at things from a big picture point-of-view. You will benefit best by being honest with yourself about your assessment, and this will really help you outline what you need to accomplish in the upcoming week.  You can make a list of the goals for the upcoming week.  The extent of detail in your list is really up to you, but having something in writing will make you more accountable for making sure it is accomplished.

Networking Tuesdays

On Tuesday, with your list in tow, you’re already focusing on what you need to do for yourself.  Outside of you, there is your network to build and expand.  This is an ongoing process that needs to be nurtured.  Yes, networking takes time.  It takes time to attend events, have conversation, connect with people, leave that lasting impression and build mutually beneficial relationships.  So you will have to make the effort and time to be out and about.  This could be your Tuesday activity.  Each week you can identify a new location or an event to attend.  You can even specify the number of connects you want to make each Tuesday.  Either way, get ready to work the room!

Branding Wednesdays

Just like Adidas didn’t build their brand overnight, you won’t build yours in a day or in one week.  This will happen over time with consistency and focus.  Outline what you want your brand to stand for and detail the ways you will accomplish this.  Each Wednesday you can assess how you did during the prior week.  And going forward, you can plan your next step.  Is your brand well-positioned?  Do you need to consider repositioning?  Is your brand credible?   These are some of the questions you should ask yourself every Wednesday.

Personal Development Thursdays

I don’t want to be the one to burst the bubble, but there is always room to improve!  This will be the focus on Thursday.  Whether it is identifying what books to read on a certain subject matter, signing up for a class to help you stay current in your field, sharpening your expertise, or taking time to learn from other people’s experiences, there are many ways to develop yourself.  At the end of the day, your growth is your personal responsibility; nobody else can do it for you.  The work you put in each Thursday will determine your preparedness for the future.

Friendly Fridays

By the time Friday rolls around, you would have done a lot!  And I know the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment is setting in.  You deserve to reward yourself but don’t forget to reward and recognize others also.  There is enough room for each of us to be successful and we should support each other.  So on Friday, reach out and give someone else that extra push they need to cross off the last few items from their list.  Help them see that the light at the end of the tunnel; the weekend will be much more enjoyable knowing that you had a productive week!

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