TheAfter5Edge - 5 Benefits Of Your To-Do ListLife is hectic!   Things to do.  Places to go.  Things to remember.  Deadlines to meet. Appointments to make.  With all of these things to think about simultaneously, you will certainly feel overwhelmed at times.

But you can take ownership of the situation and manage it appropriately so that you alleviate your stress. A great way to do this is to add order to your life by creating to-do lists.  To-do lists can be used to document the tasks you have to complete in a particular, day, week, year, etc.  They can be detailed or concise; but the important thing is that your to-do list has enough information to keep you in check and on track!

Here are five ways in which to-do lists can benefit you!

Creates order. If your life is ruled by the law of entropy, then a to-do list may very well be a need.  Think of what you have to do, create your list, clear all the items on it, and find yourself with zero tasks left!  This is systematic enough to get you from point A to B in a focused and reliable manner while increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Helps you prioritize. Yes, you have a lot do, but some are certainly more important and time-sensitive than others.  You can organize your to-do list in order of priority or you can create your to-do list and then number the items in order of importance.  Either way, your to-do list allows you that big picture perspective while allowing you to see the details.

Relieves stress. Although you may have 20 items on your to-do list, not all 20 items are of the utmost importance.  Once you identify the items of importance, you can stop focusing on the number of items you have to complete which, in itself, can be overwhelming.  It is definitely a relief to know that some items can be addressed later.

Creates accountability. Your intent is useless if you are not holding yourself accountable and taking action.  A to-do list helps with this because there is no denying what you wrote on it.  In essence, you give your task life and it exists as something to be addressed if it is on your to-do list.  No excuses.

CHECK!! It feels great to cross things off your list!  This is an undeniable truth!  Not only do you have one less item to worry about, but you feel accomplished!  And that’s a great and motivating feeling!

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