It is February 3rd, and we’re a full month into the near year!!  Do you remember all the excitement right before January 1 came?  And that final rush to have resolutions before the day arrived?  There is something refreshing about a new year.  It means new opportunities, new chances for change, a new start just when you need it… The list goes on!  And with any decision, it is hard to take that first step when you feel alone; but there is certainly strength in numbers when it comes to making resolutions for the new year!  It is a topic of many conversations; so if nothing else, you are swayed by the masses to have your own and be a part of the movement.

So you made your resolutions for the new year.  Ambitious as they may have been, you made them.   Now that we’re into the new year, how are things?  Are you keeping up with those resolutions?

A year seems like a long time.  And with 525,948.766 minutes, it is.  However, that does not mean procrastination should be part of the game plan.  In fact, you should make every effort to take your progress seriously on a daily basis.  Here are some things to consider:

Hold yourself accountable. You made the resolutions and these were things you wanted to accomplish. Because you don’t have anyone outside of yourself coercing you doesn’t mean you should take the goals you set lightly.  If you have a goal, make it a priority.  Let it be your motivation, with everything that you do aligned in a way that will help you accomplish your goal.  And when you aren’t in line with making progress, be honest with yourself and do something about it.

Make your goals manageable. We generally make our goals very broad. I want to build my professional network. That’s a great goal, but how do you accomplish that?  Break your goals down by the specific steps you need to take to get there.  So if you want to build your network, how many new people do you plan to meet each week?  How many networking events do you plan to attend each month?  What organizations do you want to get involved in?  Who do you plan to reach out to for help and referrals?  Focus on the small steps because ultimately they make the big steps possible.

Use progress reports.  Yes, progress reports.  Thought you left these back in grade school?  Well they are still relevant today.  They help you see how things are going along the way as opposed to waiting until the end.  If you are on track, then you’ll know exactly what you should continue doing and even challenge yourself to do more.  If you’re not on the right track and realize this early enough, then there will be time to make changes.  So once you set your weekly or monthly goals, how are you progressing compared to that?  Make sure you make pit stops to assess your progress, document it and use it to your benefit.

So really, how has the first month been with your 2011 resolutions?  We would love to hear about your progress!

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