So many of us crowded around a television last Sunday evening to watch the Super Bowl.  Or if you weren’t 100% into the game, you tuned in for the commercials or the half-time show. At the very least, you socialized, enjoyed camaraderie and digested enough to be part of Monday’s conversations about the game.

We saw the Packers take the lead early.  And we saw the Steelers score eventually to get close enough to make it look like a game was in order.  It added to the thrill, excitement, and competition that we all like.  How much fun would it be to see one team hold a huge lead from start to finish?

But despite the Steelers’ efforts, we saw how the game ended.  It ended with the Packers winning.

Does this make the Steelers a bad team?  Does this mean the players made bad plays?  Is this symbolic of bad coaching? There will forever be arguable reasons for the loss.  And whether or not they hold true, the fact of the matter is that the Steelers lost.  As much as we tend to applaud a valiant effort, the regard in which we hold execution, delivery and results is undeniable.

Execution. This is the process of carrying something out from start to finish.  It is one thing to have a plan, but do you take all the steps needed to see it through the end?  Do you stick at it even during the difficult times? When you have idea or say you will do something, do you work toward accomplishing it?

Delivery. This is the act of producing a final product.  And more importantly, how do you deliver?  Do you deliver quality? Do you deliver on time?  Do you deliver consistently? Do you deliver under pressure? Do you deliver despite constraints?

Results. This is the final product that comes about as a consequence of actions.  Results may be qualitative or quantitative; but ultimately, they are noteworthy for being measurable.  How well did you perform against a budget? Did your results lead to profitability and increased sales?  Did it surpass goals?  Did it indicate success?

Yes, there can certainly be victory along the way.  But at the end of the day, the action and results matter.  With that said, how would you rate your competence?  How do you perform in terms of execution, delivery and results?

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