Time is of the essence.  And whether it is impressing a potential client or a business partner so that you get your foot in the door, you should master how to maximize your time.  Think about what’s at stake when a company finalizes and airs a 30-second commercial.  After months of ideas, discussions and the investment of time and money, that tiny frame of time does not allow for error.  Similarly, you need to do everything within your power to deliver efficiently.  It takes practice and polishing, but knowing what to do will give you an edge.


Here are some tried and true ways for you to maximize your time and make a good impression:

Be punctual. Being late isn’t attractive.  We always remember our precious time but we should also be mindful of other people’s time.  Be early, but not desperately early.  You want a few minutes to get yourself together, acquaint yourself with your surroundings and go over your game plan in your head.

Be professional. If you’re asking someone to spare some of their time for you, make sure you convey that you mean business.  Your level of seriousness should not be questionable.  Present yourself professionally in dress and in your mannerisms.

Be on point. Whatever your message is, nobody should know it better than you.  Make sure you have a good grasp of your subject matter and challenge yourself to know more than you think you need to.  Always be ready for that question from left field.

Be succinct. It is important to communicate clearly whether you’re writing or speaking.  Take the time to time to organize your thoughts and structure how you communicate your information so it accomplishes your goal efficiently.

Be a sponge. Be open and ready to engage and learn.  Being a good listener is key; and as much as you should be able to communicate your story, it is important to be able to step back and be the student.  There is so much we can learn when we ask questions and digest the answers.

Be humble. This may seem like a universally understood truth, but not everyone is good at this in practice.  Be grateful and appreciative for your opportunities.

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