Our world is becoming more and more complex.  Competition is now global, change is happening by the second, the flow of information and communication is at record speed and businesses are faced with new challenges.  Globalization isn’t new but it is in full-force and aside from affecting businesses, it is also affecting individuals.  As new issues present themselves, individuals and businesses are forced to go back to the drawing board and try new approaches.

For this reason, creativity has become imperative.  Creativity is the ability to generate something new – whether it is an idea, process, or product.  In a complex world where companies must find ways to differentiate their products and maintain their competitive edge, this is key.  Similarly, as human capital competition extends beyond borders, this is also an asset for individuals.

Here is some more about why creativity adds value:

Now, more than ever before, the world needs creativity by Eric Frank, Executive Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, Sri Lanka.  Here is a great takeaway that was shared in this article:

“For me business is not about wearing suits, or keeping stockholders pleased. It’s about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials.” – Sir Richard Branson

Are you ready to unleash your creativity?

The secret to unlocking your amazing creativity  by Jim Connolly.  Remember this from the article:

“Your unique mind and all those experiences you have lived through, have created an astonishing, uniquely creativity machine.”

So where is the best place to get your creative juices flowing?!

20 Reasons Why Creative People Like to Work in Cafes from Idea Champions.  Here’s something to think about from the article as to why you should consider where you turn up your creative notch:

“The act of going from your office to a cafe gets the creative juices flowing.”

Creativity should be embraced.  For the individual, the process is therapeutic and it adds value to the world.  If you’re already open to it, what is your creative process?  If this is a new consideration for you, what are some of your challenges?

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