wpid-textgram_1359864481-1-1.jpgIn many ways, we are each our own leaders because at the very least, we lead our own lives. And whether your innate leadership abilities have made you sought after to lead others or you’ve initiated these opportunities, there are certain commonalities that leaders share.

1. Leaders dream big

A great leader lives in the present but can envision larger possibilities.  Such leaders are able to see beyond current constraints and set goals that seem impractical to most.  Filled with passion, these leaders see the positive side and do not dwell on negativity.  They have the ability to easily see the big picture.

2. Leaders can share their vision and mobilize others

Accomplishing a big goal may not be practical for just one person and the help of others may be needed.  A great leader is able to communicate big goals and share their passion with others.  Through this, others begin to see the possibilities the leader sees and are motivated to work toward the same goal.  Collectively, action is taken.

3. Leaders inspire others to find their own greatness

Through the accomplishment of their goals and in working with others, leaders inspire others to find their own meaning, purpose and greatness.  A leader not only provides encouragement but also leads by example, which provides others with a formula for their own success.

Are you a leader?  Are there certain leaders who you admire?  What are common things that you’ve noticed amongst leaders?  Share your thoughts below!

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