If you ask 100 people what the definition of success is, you’ll probably get 100 different answers.   Some definitions may be driven by what it personally means for the person while others may be what society has generally told us success is.  For the latter, success is going to a good school, having a good career and having a happy family.  And falling short of these expectations have led to many people questioning themselves and whether or not they are truly successful.

But in recent times, people have challenged this rigid definition and prioritized things like freedom, flexibility, passion, time and personal fulfillment.  As a result, the definition of success is as unique as each person.

Here are some simple principles to remember before you fall into the trap of second guessing yourself and your success:

Success is personal.  What will work for someone else may not work for you.

You define what success means for you.  With success being personal, there is no one route or definition.  You need to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish, develop your milestones and assess yourself accordingly once you reach them.

Success is about the journey. Once you being your journey and start making progress toward a worthwhile goal, you’re already more successful than you were when you started.  So enjoy the small steps, each day and give yourself rewards along the way.

Success comes when you’re good at something. If you’re leveraging your passion about something and you’re committed to it, success will come. Continue to make progress so that you’re better at it than anyone else and watch what happens.

Happiness leads to greater success.  Many assume success brings happiness but that isn’t always the case.  On the other hand, happiness in what you’re doing and your journey will give you the drive to stay the course on those tough days and achieve greater success.

Have you felt pressure with how you define your own success?  What are the important factors of success for you?

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