At the end of each summer, everyone packs up their beach towels and water coolers and exits the beach.  The once overcrowded shore and boardwalk become eerily quiet and nostalgia sets in through fall and winter. Similarly, excitement builds each week as the weekend nears but as it comes to an end, anxiety sets in for most people.  As each new week begins, so does the countdown to the weekend.  But is this the way to live life? Why should we allow ourselves to only enjoy 2 days out of the week?  Why not enjoy each and every day that we’re granted?

I was looking at this picture of my cousins who are 9 and 4-years-old as they enjoyed a day on the beach. They were lounging and taking in nature’s beauty, without a care in the world.  Why is it that as we grow older we get so caught up in the daily hustle and bustle that we forget to slow down and enjoy the beauty around us?   It doesn’t have to be this way, but changing this mindset takes a conscious effort on our part.


Here are some ways we can live for more than summers and weekends:

Do something that you love. If you’ll be spending the majority of your week working, make sure you’re doing something you absolutely love.  This way, you look forward to getting started each morning and you’re anxious to jump out of bed.

Find an activity or hobby.  Do you like playing tennis, painting or jogging? Make time to do activities that you enjoy.  Everyone has a variety of interests and it is important to not neglect any if you’re looking for a wholesome approach to life.

Volunteer. Find ways to pay it forward and give back.  Whether you’re mentoring or serving food at a soup kitchen, it is great when you can help others.  Never underestimate the impact you’re able to make in the lives of others.  Surely you had help along your journey so imagine what it will mean for someone to know that you’re personally vested in their success or well-being.

Take your vacations.  The summer time is always popular for vacations.  But if you’re not a fan of winter, it could be a great time to escape to warmer climates.  You’ll also benefit from cheaper travel arrangements since it is less hectic then!  Plan your vacation throughout the year so you have something to look forward to every few months and you can rejuvenate periodically.

Do something new each week.  How are you doing with your list of things you want to try?  The entrepreneurial spirit isn’t something that is meant to be active only on the weekends so find time during the week and throughout the year to get involved in something new and different.

Spend time with friends and family.  If you leave the weekend as the only time for catching up with friends and family, you’ll never get to see everyone as frequently as you would like.  Everyone has to eat so using your breakfast, lunch and dinner time to catch up with people in your network is a great way to maximize everyone’s time.  With food and friends, how can anyone go wrong?

Do you feel like you can use your time more wisely during the week to get involved in activities that interest you?  Do you leave all your fun activities for weekends and summer months? Share your comments and experience below!

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