Welcome to TheAfter5Edge and thank you for your interest in learning more about the blog!

TheAfter5Edge blog was built on the premise of leveraging one’s entrepreneurial spirit to achieve competitive edge in business and life.  We live in an age that is defined by global competition, aggressive change, rapid flow of information and communication, heightened business complexity and globalization.

With rapid changes and unpredictability, it is vital for individuals and businesses to position themselves to optimize their potential.  This calls for flexibility, speed, innovation, and differentiation along with a focus on people, teamwork and knowledge.

Rooted in long-standing and proven left-brain business logic, TheAfter5Edge’s mission is to facilitate the entrepreneurial process of creating opportunities and thriving in the new economy by incorporating right-brain imagination, creativity and innovation.  TheAfter5Edge provides practical information and advice, pointed solutions and services, position-enhancing products and resources and challenges the old with innovative insight.


What exactly will you find on the TheAfter5Edge blog?

Common blog post categories – You’ll find insightful and actionable blog posts that provide specifics on how to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit to obtain your competitive edge and create your own opportunities.  Blog topics will range from categories such as personal and career development, maintaining a big picture perspective, business and entrepreneurship, networking and financial management.

Quick Takeaway – The goal of TheAfter5Edge is to always provide you with helpful and impactful information. But I understand you don’t always have time to digest a 500+ word blog post.  The Quick Takeaway series will get you straight to the point by succinctly giving you the main idea.  You can find these here.

Visually Inspiring Words – In the spirit of creativity and always finding new ways to bring key information to you, the Visually Inspiring Words series shares motivating words with you in a visually appealing way.  You can find these here.

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