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Dasanj Aberdeen, Founder and Editor

Dasanj Aberdeen is an entrepreneurial spirit who embodies the combination of left-brain logic and right-brain imagination as a businesswoman and artist.  She uses her knowledge of these two disciplines to achieve her life-long goal of combining business and art by finding parallels, generating breakthrough, innovative ideas and driving transformational strategy to address change.  She founded TheAfter5Edge blog as a platform for encouraging others to leverage their entrepreneurial spirit to achieve competitive edge in business and life.

During her years in public accounting, Dasanj Aberdeen honed her ability to understand clients’ businesses in industries ranging from not-for-profit to asset management and including fast-growth and Fortune 100 companies.  She used her attention to detail in analyzing financial and non-financial data to identify economic, financial and operational risks and leveraged her entrepreneurial approach in synthesizing complex issues in order to clearly and concisely articulate them to various levels of management.  Upholding her personal commitment to adding value, Dasanj used her creative skills to present innovative and unique bottom-line enhancing solutions to financial and operational challenges.  With an understanding of the stakeholders involved in an organization’s work, Dasanj takes pride in exercising the highest level of integrity, honesty and ethical standards.  This experience has given Dasanj an invaluable appreciation of best practices and what truly affects a business’ top and bottom lines.

Dasanj has taken her expertise to the community, participating in panels focused on industry expectations and trends along with business executives and industry leaders as well as presenting to high school and college students.  Her exceptional business acumen, leadership skills, and ability to translate vision into specific, implementable and actionable steps have been recognized and sought by C-Level executives to contribute to focus groups intended to shape the strategic plan, go-to-market strategy and vision of their businesses.  In addition to TheAfter5Edge, Dasanj shares her thought leadership on blogs focusing on small businesses covering topics such as startup financing, management, marketing and creative strategies for fostering innovation.  In her volunteer efforts, she is committed to mentoring opportunities that promote entrepreneurship and the arts.

Dasanj fosters her creative skills by drawing, painting and various other visual art.  She has won numerous art contests and participated in various exhibitions, including solo exhibits.  She is an advocate for adding value to life via the arts and culturally rich environments.

Dasanj is a graduate of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  As a perfect match for Dasanj, Penn embraces a flexible mindset via interdisciplinary programs that teach traditional academics coupled with new and practical knowledge.

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