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Your Luck Increases with Hard Work, Preparation and Diligence

When you feel lucky, you feel like you’re on top of the world and nothing can go wrong.  We all love that feeling and we all want more of it.  But does it really just happen?  Some may argue that it does but others may think differently.  I think there’s also a strategic approach to having more luck in your life and this is particularly helpful when you’re looking to get that competitive edge and be in control of your own personal development.

Let’s look at the definition of luck.  Whether good or bad, luck is something that seems to happen solely by chance as opposed to one’s active involvement.

But is that even possible?  How will luck alone help you find a job where you need specific skills?  How will luck alone help you get into a role where you need certain experience?  The probability of having two siblings playing in the NFL is slim, so it is hard to imagine luck alone without the complementary qualifications to make it possible.

So this is why I think that once you know what it takes to accomplish something, doing more of these things will inevitably increase your chances and your luck.  On your part, it usually takes hard work, diligence, persistence, and preparation meeting opportunity on the other end.  This first came to mind when I opened up a fortune cookie and found the quote directly below.  I dug deeper and found the relevant quotes further below.

 “Luck happens when hard work meets opportunity.” – Fortune cookie


 “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” -Thomas Jefferson


“I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity.” – Oprah Winfrey


What is your experience with luck in your life?  Does it just seem to happen? Or does it coincide with your hard work and effort?  Share your thoughts below!

7 Ways To Create A Noticeable Impact When Working With Others

From time-to-time we all have to work with others.  Even if you work for yourself, you’ll have to interact in a group setting as people and relationships are crucial components of business and the human experience in general.  So how can you make these interactions effective?  How can you set yourself apart and create an executive presence?  How can you create a lasting impression?

Here are some ways to help you create a noticeable impact when working with others:

Have a clear vision and maintain a big picture perspective.  First you need to know what your overall objective is and what goal you’re setting out the accomplish.  Once you know where you’re going, you can share that vision with others.  Despite having your eye on the focal point, be mindful of the moving parts.  Even if you’re working on one area, step out of the details and stay abreast of the progress of other areas.

Have a plan but be flexible.  Planning always makes your work easier.  The earlier you can tackle planning, the better your entire process will be.  You’ll know when things are to be done, who will perform each task and what you need to prepare for tomorrow.  However, don’t let tunnel vision get the best of you.  Recognize that things rarely fall into place perfectly as planned so be flexible.  Be willing to make changes along the way.  Be willing to tweak and revamp your plan.  Remember the fact that you can get from point A to B via different routes.

Build and energize others.  Be passionate and interested in the work at hand.  This passion will radiate from you and energize others.  People are motivated by and gravitate toward those who take a stance.  As you share your interest with others, make it a point to bring out the best in them.  That involves mentoring, teaching and challenging them so that they develop under your watch.  Always add an element of fun and find ways to lighten the situation.  Take breaks to do small things that go a long way.  It may be recognition or an outing but give credit where credit is due.

Be dependable and follow through on responsibilities.  At the end of the day, results matter.  If you have a deadline when deliverables are due, you’re expected to execute.  So do what it takes to be that person others can depend on.  When they are wondering who can get the job done, you want to be the one who comes to mind.  Under-promise and over-deliver.

Be innovative.  It is easy to go with the status quo and do things as they have been done for years.  But you can add value when you think outside the box.  Leverage your experience and knowledge to see things from a different perspective.  Find at least one way to do something differently that will have an impact and improve results.  Both quantitative and qualitative results are good.

Face challenges directly.  When dealing with others, you’re exposed to different personalities, work styles, sense of urgency, strengths etc.  Often, this causes issues.  Deal with these issues directly. Communicate timely and effectively as needed.  Take these opportunities to help others focus on takeaways that may help them improve.  But never react based on your emotions.  Think through the situation.  Become more stern if you need to.  Your stance should be clear and effective.

Be honest, open and confident.  Being consistently honest goes a long way and will help you gain trust.  When you convey honesty and openness in your communication, others return the same.  This flow of communication is crucial in working with others so do your part to foster it.  Confidence is essential for a leader and helps you command an executive presence.  People trust those who have confidence in their proven abilities.  Highlight the key qualities of your brand.

Do you have experience incorporating these approaches when working with others?  Do you have a different approach?  Do you have other tactics that are effective?


Blogging: From Passion To Success

There is no doubt that a blog is a powerful tool.  For the blogger, it offers a platform that is welcoming of self-expression, opinions, and makes it easy to document one’s train of thought.  For the reader, it offers a place for ideas, inspiration, and solutions.  For all parties involved, a blog serves as a “hub” that sparks conversations, offers solutions and  provides value around a niche or topics of interest.

Here is a succinct video with Seth Godin and Tom Peters discussing this amazing tool:

Seth Godin & Tom Peters on blogging

Here are some additional points about blogging and how it can be effective:

  • A good blogger starts with self-awareness and embraces their passion and strengths. From there, genuinely communicating that passion to others leads to success.
  • Many question their writing abilities and whether or not they’re sufficient to start a blog.  As a blogger, you can improve your writing abilities & techniques with time.
  • When in doubt about a blog post, reading it out loud can highlight areas with room for improvement.
  • With time, you will learn different techniques and ways to communicate what you have to say.  It may be a combination of words, photos, videos, graphs, etc.  The key is to be open to creativity.
  • At the end of the day, there may not be a method to the madness.  It is your blog.  Feel it out over time and you will find what works best for you.
  • Social media is about being simply human.  Pay close attention to your readers – embrace their feedback and give them more of what they want and what is of value to them.
  • Make it a priority to connect with your readers – online and offline.  Amazing friendships come from this amazing tool that is a blog.

 Do you blog?  Why do you blog?  Share a link to your blog so we can start a conversation.


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