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How to Take Advantage of Inspiration from Home and Your Past

We all need a little inspiration every once in a while.  Sometimes it comes to us as we’re carrying on with our day.  We may be inspired by someone’s personal story that we hear or by another person’s action that we witness.  Other times, we actively seek inspiration.  In these instances, we may reach out to someone who we find inspiring or we may even look to ourselves, our past or our inspiration book.

Personally, I find a lot of inspiration when I spend time with family.  Amidst the laughs and good food, there are always stories being told.  Many of these stories came before my time and relate to crucial events that helped build my family’s foundation.  I have a deep appreciation for the sacrifices that were made by my family members so I’m always moved by these stories and take them to heart.  As my grandpa always said, “if you don’t know where you’re coming from, you’ll never know where you’re going.”  I believe this is true so when I’m with family, I’m always soaking up opportunities to get back in touch with the basics and be newly energized and inspired.  This helps put things in perspective, my vision becomes more clear as I look forward and I gain a greater appreciation for the big picture.

As I’m spending time with family this week, I’m taking in my usual dose of inspiration – not only by hearing but also by seeing.  Here are some of the inspiring pieces I’ve found around the house that reinforce the lessons I’ve been taught at home over the years.

This is on the wall in one of the bedrooms as a friendly reminder that you’ll see as the first thing the morning and as the last thing at night.

This is on the wall in a guest bathroom. It is a reminder that it is possible to defy the odds.


This is also on the wall in the guest bathroom. This reminds us that it is ok to stumble, fall, and make mistakes as long as we get up and push onward.

The truth is that you never need to go far to find inspiration.  Pay attention to the small things.  Listen to stories of those around you.  Talk to your elders and find out what sacrifices they made for themselves and their family.  Look back to your aspirations from when you were a kid and didn’t understand the concept of limitations.  You may be surprised by the power of these seemingly simple things to move you in the moment and going forward.

Where do you get your inspiration from?  I would love to hear from you!


3 Things A Great Leader Does That Create An Impact

wpid-textgram_1359864481-1-1.jpgIn many ways, we are each our own leaders because at the very least, we lead our own lives. And whether your innate leadership abilities have made you sought after to lead others or you’ve initiated these opportunities, there are certain commonalities that leaders share.

1. Leaders dream big

A great leader lives in the present but can envision larger possibilities.  Such leaders are able to see beyond current constraints and set goals that seem impractical to most.  Filled with passion, these leaders see the positive side and do not dwell on negativity.  They have the ability to easily see the big picture.

2. Leaders can share their vision and mobilize others

Accomplishing a big goal may not be practical for just one person and the help of others may be needed.  A great leader is able to communicate big goals and share their passion with others.  Through this, others begin to see the possibilities the leader sees and are motivated to work toward the same goal.  Collectively, action is taken.

3. Leaders inspire others to find their own greatness

Through the accomplishment of their goals and in working with others, leaders inspire others to find their own meaning, purpose and greatness.  A leader not only provides encouragement but also leads by example, which provides others with a formula for their own success.

Are you a leader?  Are there certain leaders who you admire?  What are common things that you’ve noticed amongst leaders?  Share your thoughts below!


Why You Need A Vision Board For 2011

What is a Vision Board??

A vision board is a visual representation of what you want to achieve by pasting words and/or pictures on a poster board.  In and of itself, it is pretty straightforward and simple.  But in terms of its effect, it is very powerful.  The objective behind the vision board is that you’re documenting, in a visual manner, the pictures and/or words that are associated with what you want to embody and have in life.  It is forward-looking, and in a snap shot, it shows your aspirations.  A vision board leverages the law of attraction as you bring together all the relevant images and words that will drive and motivate you to take the steps necessary to realize your dreams.

Benefits of a Vision Board

This list can be very long but here are some of the benefits to creating a vision board:

  • You have a list that is visually appealing
  • A vision board forces you to hold yourself accountable
  • You learn about yourself while creating your vision board
  • Creating a vision board is motivating, refreshing and cathartic
  • A vision board keeps you focused and makes it easy for you to check your progress
  • A vision board helps clarify your dreams and goals
  • It gives your subconscious mind a voice!
  • It encourages positive thinking

Preparation for 2011

As you reflect on 2010 and think up new resolutions for 2011, a vision board is a fun way to plan ahead. It certainly brings the child out of you because you will find yourself flipping through magazines, cutting, and gluing! Needless to say, it is a lot of fun and therapeutic in and of itself.  You may start the process knowing exactly what you want on your vision board, or you may allow it to be experiential.  There is no right or wrong way, and it is totally up to you!

So with all that, of course we had to create one ourselves!  It was fun, therapeutic, exciting, and certainly motivating!  Take a look at it below.  Clearly there is much to look forward to in the coming year!

Go ahead and create your vision board! Visualize the dreams that you want to make a reality and be open to what you will discover about yourself during the process of creating your vision board.  Let us know how it goes!

TheAfter5Edge 2011 Vision Board

TheAfter5Edge 2011 Vision Board (Cropped)

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